Started spring 2016, the MPN Scholarship Fund celebrates deserving college-bound seniors at John O’Connell High School with scholarships to attain a postsecondary education. Now in its third year and in partnership with Mission Graduates, MPN has set a bold goal to raise $12,500 in scholarship funds to support more Mission youth toward academic achievement.

Here is update #2 of 3 showcasing what our previous scholarship recipients are up to at college.

Alicia Rodriguez,
UC Merced
(photo, left)

What is your major and why did you choose this career path?
My major right now is Psychology. The reason why I chose it is because I always wanted to either work with little kids or be a counselor to other students who struggle with school.

What has been your biggest lesson as you wrap up your first year of college?
My biggest lesson has been to never leave things until the last minute or think that you can get something done quickly. College is very different than high school, and when you get behind with one assignment then it’s a struggle to catch up with the rest.

What has been your favorite aspect of college?
My favorite aspect of college is being able to meet other college students who have already finished their freshman year and getting a few tips from them on how to be successful in college.

How does it feel to have the Mission community’s support to further your education?
I feel honored and grateful that the Mission community helped me be where I am today. Without the Mission community’s support, I would not be at university right now — and probably not trying to continue with my education.

Are you still on the same career track or have you changed your career path?
Although I know that I want to work with kids, I don’t know what age group I want to work with yet. I do know that I want my career to be in the psychology field.

Where do you see yourself in four years, upon graduation from college?
In four years I see myself graduating but also have an idea as to whether I want to move back home and look for a job there or move somewhere else. I do see myself being prepared for the real world.

Can you support deserving Mission students, like Alicia, so they can make college a reality this fall?
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