Raquel Donoso MPN Director
Raquel Donoso
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In her own words:

“I was a mom at 18 when I was an undergrad at UCLA. This meant I had to weave my way through a maze of public assistance, from Medi-Cal to WIC. I also received state-subsidized childcare. Luckily, staff at UCLA helped me find my way. I see my personal experience at UCLA as a microcosm of what we are trying to do with the four target schools of the Mission Promise Neighborhood. Once I had my son, I switched my field of study from Biology to Anthropology and Chicano Studies. I then earned a Masters in Public Health. When I am now at policy meetings, I can literally bring to the table my experience in applying for services. I empathize with how overwhelming this can feel for our families. My goal is to remove barriers and increase opportunity, as was done for me.”

Read more about Raquel and her vision for the community.

Liz Cortez
Early Learning Manager
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Laura Olivas
Laura Olivas
MPN Leadership Program Manager
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Laura Andersen
Laura Andersen
Education Manager
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Lucia Obregon
Lucia Obregon
Volunteer Services Manager
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Kimberly Moreno Ayala
Kimberly Moreno Ayala
Program Coordinator
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