¡Bienvenidos a Nuestra Familias y Estudiantes de La Comunidad Promesa de la Mission!

La Comunidad Promesa de la Mission es un esfuerzo comunitario que sirve como
un recurso para conectar familias a servicios gratuitos para infantes, niños, jóvenes y adultos en el Distrito de la Mission de San Francisco.

La meta de La Comunidad Promesa de la Mission es que cada familia sea exitosa y que cada alumno logre sus metas.

Somos una comunidad de socios comprometidos a su familia … y a cada familia en la Mission. Estamos aquí para servirles.

Llámenos para conectarlo(a) a servicios gratuitos para apoyar a sus hijos y a su familia, empezando hoy.

Mientras que servimos en toda la comunidad, La Comuidad Promesa de la Mission se centra en nuevo escuelas:

  • Bryant Elementary School
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary School
  • Sanchez Elementary School
  • Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School
  • Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8
  • Everett Middle School
  • James Lick Middle School
  • John O’Connell High School
  • Mission High School

El camino de nuestras familias hacia la salud económica y éxito académico empieza
con una llamada gratis: (866) 379-7758.

Encontrar un entrenador de éxito de la familia aquí.

Envíenos un correo electrónico para obtener información.

About Mission Promise Neighborhood

The Mission Promise Neighborhood is a citywide community partnership that was created to support kids and families living, working, and attending school in the Mission District. It brings together schools, colleges, community organizations and community leaders to help kids graduate and families achieve financial stability.

Promise Neighborhoods

The Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN), like all Promise Neighborhoods, is a community initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Innovation and Improvement. Mission Promise Neighborhood brings together successful local nonprofits and public/private partners to work with kids and families to empower the community, break cycles of poverty and ensure every child can reach their full potential, from cradle to college to career.

The Promise Neighborhoods model builds on successful efforts of the Harlem Children’s Zone, which provides children and families with high-quality, coordinated educational, health, social and community supports, from cradle to college to career.

Mission Promise Neighborhood provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services, so that children and families in San Francisco’s Mission District thrive in a safe, culturally relevant and economically prosperous community.


Over the course of 2012, the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) worked with the San Francisco Unified School District, the Office of Mayor Ed Lee, the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University, and United Way of the Bay Area — as well as various city agencies and community-based organizations — to write an implementation proposal that was submitted in July 2012. During the year-long planning process, partners worked to create a continuum of services that would meet the Mission District’s needs, with a focus on low-income families and students.

In December of 2012, the U.S. Department of Education selected MEDA to receive a Promise Neighborhoods implementation grant to implement a plan to create true innovation and ensure children, youth and families in the Mission have strong schools, opportunities to become economically successful, and robust systems of family and community support that will allow them to thrive.


This initiative has already showcased major impact, bettering the lives of 1,000s of Mission District families and students via a two-generation approach.



(415) 569-2699
2301 Mission Street, Suite 304
San Francisco, CA 94110

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