What is a Promise Neighborhood?

A Promise Neighborhood is a community of opportunity that helps children to learn, grow and succeed by creating great schools and strong systems of family and community support.

The model builds on successful efforts of the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City, which provides children with high-quality, coordinated support from cradle to college to career. Strong schools are at the heart of a Promise Neighborhood, as they serve as hubs for supports that address health, housing, safety, financial opportunity, early care and education, technology and many other components.

The Mission Promise Neighborhood is a partnership among the Mission Economic Development Agency (lead agency), the San Francisco Unified School District, the City of San Francisco and over 20 nonprofit organizations.

What are the goals of the Mission Promise Neighborhood?

The Mission Promise Neighborhood is focused on achieving four big goals:

  1. Children are prepared for school.
  2. Students are college and career bound.
  3. Families thrive.
  4. Families are decision makers.

How is the Mission Promise Neighborhood achieving those goals?

Mission Promise Neighborhood leverages existing SFUSD strategies to improve academics and further implement the Community Schools model at each of our four Mission District schools: Bryant and Cesar Chavez elementary schools; Everett Middle School; and John O’Connell High School. The Mission Promise Neighborhood places connectors in our schools to build meaningful pathways for families to connect student academic achievement opportunities with family resources to increase their stability.

Off of our school campuses, the lead agency coordinates with United Way of the Bay Area’s San Francisco SparkPoint Center, an integrated family economic success center at Plaza Adelante, to incorporate economic stability. Over 20 nonprofit partners also build on citywide strategies such as Bridge to Success, Beacon Centers, Preschool for All, Kindergarten to College and others to enhance their effectiveness within the Mission community.

How can I learn more or get involved with the Mission Promise Neighborhood?

We welcome all of you to join us through volunteer opportunities or donations. Please see the About Mission Promise Neighborhood section for additional information or contact us at info@missionpromise.org.


(415) 569-2699
2301 Mission Street, Suite 304
San Francisco, CA 94110

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