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The Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) links family economic security with student academic achievement. It creates a comprehensive, integrated framework of evidence-based services that responds to urgent needs and builds on the foundation of student, family, community, and school strengths and assets. Together, parents, neighbors, and partner organizations work block-by-block, guaranteeing that all Mission children, youth, and their families achieve academic excellence and economic self-sufficiency.

MPN “Get Connected!” Event Bridges Digital Divide in the Mission

May 16, 2015

“I need to understand technology so that I can help my child succeed in school,” explained Mission resident Miriam, who came with her eight-year-old daughter to a free Mission Promise Neighborhood technology event at MEDA’s Plaza Adelante today (more pictures). Miriam was just one of many Mission residents who dropped by to take digital literacy classes taught by […]

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Cinco de Mayo Event Held: Learn the History

May 5, 2015

Many people mistakenly believe that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s independence– an event that is actually commemorated every September 16th. Here’s a quick history lesson to set the record straight. After the Mexican-American and the Reform wars of the mid-19th century, Mexico was mostly bankrupt, so the nation put forth a two-year […]

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Startup:Education SFUSD Pilot Program Already Showcasing Community Impact

April 20, 2015

Eric Mendez was ready to start his life anew. The young man came back to San Francisco after having paid his dues by being incarcerated for several years. One of the first things Eric noticed was that his five-year-old son was not doing well academically. This compelled Eric to immediately pursue full custody of the boy, […]

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