Mission Promise Neighborhood’s Mission

Mission: A mission to empower every family.

Promise: A promise to fulfill each child’s potential.

Neighborhood: A neighborhood of partners committed to your family.

The Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) seeks to improve academic achievement for Mission children and youth by creating an integrated system of education, financial, health and social supports.

MPN is a collective of 20 community based organizations, six city agencies, four community schools, and thousands of children and their parents. Together, we are guaranteeing that all Mission children, youth and their families achieve academic excellence and economic self-sufficiency.

In 2014, we had over 800 families enrolled in the MPN pipeline. Families are enrolled in MPN through a community partner or a family success coach (FSC) located at each of the four target schools. The coaches help families set goals and connect parents with the right services to meet their goals.

Mission Promise Neighborhood Family Success Story

Watch the story of how one Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) family is achieving their dreams. After facing an eviction, the Lule family went to MPN for help. Coaches at MPN and MEDA gave them the resources they needed to obtain a new home and a bright future.

A “Bit” of Tech Synergy in the Mission Promise Neighborhood

February 3, 2016

Sometimes you meet someone and immediately realize that your mission and core values are one in the same. That serendipitously occurred last summer between Mission Bit CEO Stevon Cook and MEDA Technology Training Coordinator Leo Sosa. MEDA is the lead agency of the Mission Promise Neighborhood. Sosa had…

Mission Promise Neighborhood Data-Sharing Tool Showcased in Salesforce Webinar

2025-01292016_EVN-Beatriz Antunez Salesforce Webinar Social Media Images_blog_640x295px
January 29, 2016

Data. Information. Facts. No matter how you say it, sharing data can be powerful, but it takes the right opportunity and a team of experts to make that a reality. That opportunity came from the Department of Education three years ago, with the creation and…

“Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day”: Building Family Economic Success in the Mission Promise Neighborhood

2007-01262016_FTP-Tax Season Room 203 Social Media_blog_640x295px
January 29, 2016

EITC: those four letters sure mean much to the low-income community of the Mission Promise Neighborhood. The term is so powerful that there’s even a day named for it. That would be “Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day,” which is today. “Earned Income Tax Credit…

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