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MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 7 Two-Generation Approach Families are the heart of the MPN initiative. We know that our families care deeply for their children and have made college a top priority. The MPN Neighborhood Survey showed that two-thirds of parents with high school-age children speak to their children about college and career opportunities. To make these dreams a reality requires focused collective impact that emphasizes the needs of parents and their children a two-generation approach. Together we can tackle the entrenched structural disparities of poverty unemployment housing and education. Research shows that when parents are financially thriving their children do better in school. MPN is doing just that linking parents to financial housing and social supports while providing their children with educational enrichment services to permanently remove barriers to access and achievements gaps in our community. One way we do this is through Family Success Coaches who work with families to develop goals and connect them with resources needed to accomplish their goals. 219 Families served by Family Success Coach in 2014 381 Families served by Family Success Coach in 2015