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MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 1 Our Impact Every Family Succeeds Every Student Achieves When we launched the Mission Promise Neighborhood MPN in 2013 we were inspired by a national movement to put education at the center of the effort to build communities of opportunity. Dozens of community organizations City of San Francisco agencies the San Francisco Unified School District SFUSD and leaders partnered to rally around a single purpose to end poverty in the Mission thereby igniting resources and support for young people and their families. We began with a bold vision to put children first so they can reach their full potential. We know that when families are economically secure they will be able to better support their childrens intellectual emotional and physical development. In this way MPN is uniquely executing a two-generation approach coordinated by the Mission Economic Development Agency MEDA. Our motto is simple Every family succeeds and every student achieves. Over the past two years MPN ramped up this multi-sector integrated set of solutions or sets of programs and strategies that are proven to achieve results that today includes nearly 1000 families that live work or go to school in the Mission. We are proud of the results we have achieved together which you will learn more about. We are truly inspired by our parents and their children who work so hard every day for a better future. You will meet Ana one of our courageous parent leaders. Ana came to MPN looking for new opportunities for her family. She not only challenges herself every day to do more but is an amazing role model for her two young daughters. You will also meet our community partners who are committed to working together to innovate and disrupt the current reality for many of our families. Together we are working in a brand-new way to develop systems align resources and measure outcomes. In the words of Cesar Chavez From the depth of need and despair people can work together can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength. Thats our goal. Luis Granados Raquel Donoso Executive Director Director Mission Economic Development Agency MEDA Mission Promise Neighborhood MPN 592 MPN families served in 2014 649 MPN families served in 2015