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Page 6 MPN 20142015 Impact Report Goal 3 Families Thrive At the core of MPNs theory of change is that when families are financially better off and living in a thriving community their children will have a better chance of doing well in school. MPN partners provide financial coaching connection to technology and the Internet workforce training and placement immigration services and housing counseling all to guarantee that families have the economic supports they need. Need 65 percent of MPN families surveyed are living below the federal poverty line which is 24250 for a family of four. 46 percent of MPN families do not have a computer or Internet access at home. Impact 1089 families received free tax preparation services at MEDA resulting in 2357431 returned to the Mission community. 142 parents received workforce development coaching at MEDA resulting in 69 job placements for community members. 228 MPN families connected to low-cost internet at home through MEDAs Digital Opportunity Center. 257 families received homeownership coaching through MEDA and eviction-prevention counseling through Causa Justa Just Cause. 424 MPN families received financial coaching by MEDA to increase their income savings and credit plus reduce debt