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Mission Promise Neighborhood Many Families One Mission 20142015 Impact Report 4319 Number of households with children living in the MPN footprint MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 1 Our Impact Every Family Succeeds Every Student Achieves When we launched the Mission Promise Neighborhood MPN in 2013 we were inspired by a national movement to put education at the center of the effort to build communities of opportunity. Dozens of community organizations City of San Francisco agencies the San Francisco Unified School District SFUSD and leaders partnered to rally around a single purpose to end poverty in the Mission thereby igniting resources and support for young people and their families. We began with a bold vision to put children first so they can reach their full potential. We know that when families are economically secure they will be able to better support their childrens intellectual emotional and physical development. In this way MPN is uniquely executing a two-generation approach coordinated by the Mission Economic Development Agency MEDA. Our motto is simple Every family succeeds and every student achieves. Over the past two years MPN ramped up this multi-sector integrated set of solutions or sets of programs and strategies that are proven to achieve results that today includes nearly 1000 families that live work or go to school in the Mission. We are proud of the results we have achieved together which you will learn more about. We are truly inspired by our parents and their children who work so hard every day for a better future. You will meet Ana one of our courageous parent leaders. Ana came to MPN looking for new opportunities for her family. She not only challenges herself every day to do more but is an amazing role model for her two young daughters. You will also meet our community partners who are committed to working together to innovate and disrupt the current reality for many of our families. Together we are working in a brand-new way to develop systems align resources and measure outcomes. In the words of Cesar Chavez From the depth of need and despair people can work together can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength. Thats our goal. Luis Granados Raquel Donoso Executive Director Director Mission Economic Development Agency MEDA Mission Promise Neighborhood MPN 592 MPN families served in 2014 649 MPN families served in 2015 Page 2 MPN 20142015 Impact Report Overview MPN is a results-based collective impact initiative that is driving strategies to improve academic outcomes for students engage parents to support their childrens learning and provide wraparound support services for families. This whole-family approach is critical in an ever-changing community that is fighting every day for better opportunities higher wages great schools and stable housing. MPNs focused is on low-income families who live in and attend school in the Mission. Our goals are 1. Children are prepared for school. 2. Students are college and career bound. 3. Families thrive. 4. Families are decision makers. Focused on Results The MPN collaborative is driven by 10 key results and 15 measurable indicators. We measure track and use data at every step of the way to identify progress toward building a better future for Mission families. Below is a snapshot of the MPN framework. Mission Promise Neighborhood Framework Healthcare Preschool Parenting Education Early Literacy Job Training College and Career Counseling Afterschool Mental Health College Savings Family Engagement College and Career Advice Financial Aid School Transition EarlyLearning Elementary and Middle High School CollegeandBeyond ImmigrationandLegalServices Job T raining and Placement ComputerTraining Financial Coaching Housing Assistance Welcome This is a Mission promise neighborhood site. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT FAMILY SUCCESS MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 3 Our Schools 16th St. 16th St. 20th St. 20th St. Cesar Chavez St. PotreroAve. HarrisonSt. VanNessAve. MissionSt. MissionSt. DoloresSt. 24th St. 24th St. Cesar Chavez ES John OConnell HS Bryant ES Everett MS Mission Promise Neighborhood of students...........................437 Latino.......................................... 51 Freereduced lunch.......... 72 ELL................................................. 33 of students...........................455 Latino.......................................... 58 Freereduced lunch.......... 77 ELL................................................. 20 of students...........................461 Latino.......................................... 87 Freereduced lunch.......... 94 ELL................................................. 76 of students...........................263 Latino.......................................... 86 Freereduced lunch.......96 ELL................................................. 69 987 Number of families in MPN schools 81 Percent of Latino families in MPN schools Mission Promise Neighborhood San Francisco CA Page 4 MPN 20142015 Impact Report Goal 1 Children Are Prepared for School MPNs pipeline begins with early learning given the overwhelming research that demonstrates the importance of early education if children are to enter school ready to learn. A strong healthy start is the most important thing we can do for our children. Need There are 2500 children ages 05 living and attending early-learning programs in the Mission. Most begin with a healthy start 72 percent of Mission children ages 05 have a medical home 64 percent of parents read to their children at least three times per week and 46 percent of them are at age-appropriate functioning by kindergarten. According to the MPN survey only 30 percent of low-income Mission children are in a formal child care setting. Impact 93 percent of the 245 MPN children ages 05 who have a medical home through Mission Neighborhood Health Centers are up to date on their vaccinations. MPN Family Success Coaches have helped 114 families apply to the Childrens Council San Francisco Child Care Connection SF3C for subsidized child care. Over 1000 MPN children ages 05 have access to high-quality childrens books through Tandem Partners in Early Learning. As a result 95 percent of families have increased the frequency or duration of time spent reading with their children. Mission Promise Neighborhood Holiday Book Giveaway December 2015. Despite challenges 4-year-olds who attend preschool at Mission Neighborhood Centers Felton Institute and Good Samaritan see greater gains in development from fall to spring. Data displays percentage of 4-year-olds at Top 2 Developmental levels on DRDP-PS averaged across all domains. Data sourced from First5s Presentation ECE Program Quality and Child Outcomes 2015. 27 58 85 84 Fall 2014 MPN Partner Preschools Spring 2015 Other Preschools MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 5 Goal 2 Students are College and Career Bound MPN is working hand in hand with the SFUSD community school model to ensure Mission students have high attendance rates are proficient in core subjects graduate high school and finish college or earn a vocational certificate or credential. MPN schools include Cesar Chavez Elementary School Bryant Elementary School Everett Middle School and John OConnell High School. Need In our target elementary schools 15 percent of third-graders scored at or above proficiency in English Language Arts and 31 percent of eighth-graders were proficient in math. In high school 40 percent of MPN 12th-graders were four-year college eligible while 75 percent of those college eligible submitted an application. Impact 120 first-grade Chavez Bryant and Sanchez elementary school parents were provided literacy training to use MyON a digital literacy solution at home with their children. Over 400 students participated in high-quality out-of-school-time academically enriching programs through Jamestown and Mission Graduates that align instruction in and out of the classroom. Of these students 88 percent reported learning skills in their after-school program that they do not get to learn anywhere else. The SFUSD Mentoring for Success program had 48 adult volunteers mentor 82 students. The main goal of the program is to ensure that all students feel connected to a trusted adult. Surveys showed that 93 percent of these students reported that there is teacher or an adult at their school that believes in them and their potential for success 44 percent increased their GPA and 28 percent reduced unexcused absences. 2012 2013 2014 68 73 80 80 percent of students at John OConnell High School graduate in four years and the gap between MPN target high school and the district continues to narrow through the work of embedded support. School district data shows that students tend to miss more school as they move up through the grades which can negatively impact school engagement and transition from middle school to high school. On average chronic absenteeism fell nearly 50 percent in MPN schools through the work of Family Success Coaches Community School Coordinators MoveUp MPNs summer transition program Mentoring for Success and on-site wellness staff. 17 9 0.05 0.10 0.15 0.20 Page 6 MPN 20142015 Impact Report Goal 3 Families Thrive At the core of MPNs theory of change is that when families are financially better off and living in a thriving community their children will have a better chance of doing well in school. MPN partners provide financial coaching connection to technology and the Internet workforce training and placement immigration services and housing counseling all to guarantee that families have the economic supports they need. Need 65 percent of MPN families surveyed are living below the federal poverty line which is 24250 for a family of four. 46 percent of MPN families do not have a computer or Internet access at home. Impact 1089 families received free tax preparation services at MEDA resulting in 2357431 returned to the Mission community. 142 parents received workforce development coaching at MEDA resulting in 69 job placements for community members. 228 MPN families connected to low-cost internet at home through MEDAs Digital Opportunity Center. 257 families received homeownership coaching through MEDA and eviction-prevention counseling through Causa Justa Just Cause. 424 MPN families received financial coaching by MEDA to increase their income savings and credit plus reduce debt MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 7 Two-Generation Approach Families are the heart of the MPN initiative. We know that our families care deeply for their children and have made college a top priority. The MPN Neighborhood Survey showed that two-thirds of parents with high school-age children speak to their children about college and career opportunities. To make these dreams a reality requires focused collective impact that emphasizes the needs of parents and their children a two-generation approach. Together we can tackle the entrenched structural disparities of poverty unemployment housing and education. Research shows that when parents are financially thriving their children do better in school. MPN is doing just that linking parents to financial housing and social supports while providing their children with educational enrichment services to permanently remove barriers to access and achievements gaps in our community. One way we do this is through Family Success Coaches who work with families to develop goals and connect them with resources needed to accomplish their goals. 219 Families served by Family Success Coach in 2014 381 Families served by Family Success Coach in 2015 Page 8 MPN 20142015 Impact Report Goal 4 Families are Decision Makers Families are critical to our collective success. MPN partners with Parents for Public Schools and Mission Graduates organizations which place parents at the center of their work. MPN works with promotoras who are at the forefront of community outreach and education talking to other parents about MPN and connecting them with community resources. The promotoras were also an integral part of MPNs 2014 Neighborhood Survey directly involved in getting community participation for the research. In 2015 MPN launched the Community Advisory Council CAC a 12-member council of MPN parents who provide their leadership experience and perspective to guide future MPN activities and outcomes. CAC will pursue strategies to improve academic performance school attendance and college preparation. The Mission Promise Neighborhood harnesses the power of promotoras community outreach workers to educate families about all free services available in the Mission. MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 9 Ana Parent Leadership in Action Ana photo fourth from left epitomizes how the MPN community works together to better the lives of our families and students. Ana was seeking opportunities to improve her familys situation so she came to MPN via MEDAs Mission Techies program which provides technology-sector career training to young adults. Keeping her full-time job cleaning houses the dedicated mother of two young daughters made time in her day to attend the tech training program. One of the few Latinas in the program Ana was a quick learner and soon received an internship. With the connection of an MPN Family Success Coach she was able to find a high- quality preschool program Potrero Kids for one of her children who is thriving in her new environment. Ana then looked to give back to the community that had helped her family joining the MPN Community Advisory Council a parent leadership group that advises the initiative. Due to her experience skills and commitment Ana was soon hired by MPN to be the technology coordinator for Making Connections a digital literacy training program funded by the StartupEducation Foundation for preschool and first-grade parents at our elementary schools. True community spirit. MPN family demographics Race The Mission Promise Neighborhood bridges the digital divide in San Franciscos Mission District with the help of residents like Ana. Latino Asian African American White Other Extremely low income Very low income Low income Not low income Income Multi-racial Native American Pacific Islander or Other Page 10 MPN 20142015 Impact Report MPN Partners MPN is a collective impact initiative. This means that partners work together through reinforced activities toward a common agenda. We have a shared measurement process that was developed on the Salesforce platform to collect individual and family information. We also share a referral tool to provide families with a seamless transition from one service to the next. Partners come together regularly in action teams as well as quarterly learning meetings. We have created a data plan to monitor and review progress toward service and population-level results. Early Learning Childrens Council of San Francisco Felton Institute Family Service Agency of San Francisco First 5 San Francisco Good Samaritan Family Resource Center Mission Neighborhood Centers Mission Neighborhood Health Center Nurse Midwives of San Francisco General Hospital SFUSD Early Education Department Support for Families Tandem Partners in Early Learning UCSF Infant-Parent Program K12 Department of Children Youth and their Families Instituto Familiar de la Raza Jamestown Community Center Mission Graduates Parents for Public Schools San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment San Francisco Office of the Mayor San Francisco Unified School District Seven Tepees Streetside Stories UCSF HEARTS Program Housing Causa Justa Just Cause Council of Community Housing Organizations Mission Economic Development Agency Family Economic Success Mission Economic Development Agency San Francisco Department of Technology San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development San Francisco Treasurers Office of Financial Empowerment United Way of the Bay Area Universal John W. Gardner Center La Raza Centro Legal Refugee Transitions San Francisco Department of Public Health MPN 20142015 Impact Report Page 11 MPN Advisory Board Mark Alvarado Principal at John OConnell High School David Campos San Francisco District 9 Supervisor Richard Carranza Superintendent San Francisco Unified School District Curtis Chan Medical Director Maternal Child and Adolescent Health San Francisco Department of Public Health Hedy Chang Executive Director Attendance Works Estela Garcia Executive Director Instituto Familiar de la Raza Luis Granados Executive Director Mission Economic Development Agency Laurel Kloomok Director First 5 San Francisco Wylie Liu Center for Community Engagement University California San Francisco Hydra Mendoza Senior Advisor on Education and Family Services Office of the Mayor Edwin Lee Mario Paz Executive Director Good Samaritan Family Resource Center Catalina Rico Principal at Cesar Chavez Elementary School Kevin Rocap Education Advisor Maria Su Executive Director San Francisco Department of Children Youth and their Families Ken Tray Director United Educators of San Francisco Joaquin Torres Managing Deputy Director San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development Lena VanHaren Principal at Everett Middle School Christina Velasco Principal at Bryant Elementary School Lisa Villareal Education Program Officer The San Francisco Foundation Malcolm Yeung Executive Director Chinatown Community Development Corporation Inside Front Cover The Hernandezes a Mission Promise Neighborhood family. Photo credit Alain McLaughlin Photography Mission Promise Neighborhood Team at MEDA Ada Alvarez Early Learning Family Success Coach Beatriz Antunez Evaluation Assistant Roberto Aparicio Family Success Coach Everett Middle School Laura Andersen Education Manager Leticia Contreras Program Associate Liz Cortez Early Learning Manager Raquel F. Donoso Director Morgan Buras Finlay Evaluation Analyst Dannielle Glover Family Success Coach John OConnell High School Dannhae Herrera-Wilson Family Success Coach Bryant Elementary School Monica Lopez Evaluation Director Amelia Martinez Family Success Coach Manager Gabriel Medina Policy Manager Lucia Obregon Volunteer Services Manager Laura Olivas Community Leadership Manager Michelle Reiss-Top TechnologyData Systems Manager Celina Ramos-Castro Family Success Coach Chavez Elementary Severin Saenz Evaluator Mission Promise Neighborhood MPN 2301 Mission Street Suite 303 San Francisco CA 94110 415 282-3334 1798-10072015