The Mission Promise Neighborhood focuses on community data, so that the best strategies can be devised to ensure that students and families succeed.

Data equals clear results.

Making College an Achievable Dream: Foundations and Results
At four Mission Promise Neighborhood target schools, partner programs spearhead the effort to engage all students and families as academic partners, and to prepare them for their journey to higher education.

The Story of the Mission Promise Neighborhood Community: Result & Trends from the 2014 & 2016 MPN Neighborhood Survey
Mission Promise Neighborhood conducted its second comprehensive Mission District community survey, comparing what has occurred in the last two years.

John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities: Mission Promise Neighborhood Interim Assessment
This report draws on perspectives from school principals, family-engagement staff, teachers and community partners to explore the impact of MPN at our target schools.

Mission Promise Neighborhood Mid-Year Report Progress on Results & Indicators, January 1 to June 30, 2016
Data on how the Mission Promise Neighborhood has continued to gain momentum, increase the number of children and families served, and improve overall outcomes.

School Climate Survey 2014-2016
Comparative data from three years of surveys of Everett Middle School and John O’Connell High School.

Mission Promise Neighborhood 2014-2015 Impact Report
Read of the impact already being made for our students and families.

NALCAB MPN Housing Assessment
The National Association for Latino Community Builders (NALCAB) generated a report showcasing the dire need for affordable housing in the Mission District of San Francisco.

The Story of the Mission Promise Neighborhood Community: Baseline results from the 2014 MPN Neighborhood Survey
Mission Promise Neighborhood conducted the first-ever, comprehensive Mission District community survey, to ascertain the needs of our families.

Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) School Climate Survey: Understanding the experiences of students in San Francisco’s Mission District
MEDA conducted a School Climate Survey at Everett Middle School and John O’Connell High School, two of the four Mission Promise Neighborhood schools, with results to be shared with parents, teachers, school administrators, SFUSD and the community.

Integrating Family Financial Security into Promise Neighborhoods: A Resource and Implementation Guide
This PolicyLink guide, with a Mission Promise Neighborhood case study on pages 30-34, aims to describe the programs, policies and practices that set families on a path to financial security while achieving prescribed Promise Neighborhoods results.

Mission Promise Neighborhood and SFUSD Student Enrollment Patterns 2011-2012
Partner John Gardner Center of Stanford University completed this study for the Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN). Read the March 2014 “Snapshot” and “Issue Brief.”

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